Team Mission and Vision

Terrascape is a bicycle racing club, based in Calgary, developing and supporting cycling and its moral values in the community at large.

To be recognized in the Alberta cycling community as a racing club which:
*Creates a team culture that supports each members’ goal attainment,
*Is dedicated to supporting our high performance racers, and establishing a team infrastructure that meets the training needs of the club, and
*Demonstrates commitment to the organization of superb cycling events, promoting fair play and sportsmanship throughout Alberta.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Cochrane loop cx winter ride

Not sure why do you want to go out and ride for 5+hours when the temperature is -14c and feels like -22c with the wind chill!!! Anyways, I knew for sure that I wanted to go out for the long ride of the week and the weather wasn't going to stop me from following my training plan. After breakfast with Nic and Maria, I headed out for the ride.. Half an hour into the ride and all I could think of was why didn't I put on a few extra layers??? I needed a newspaper or something to put between my chest and the jacket or I will die... holly crap my feet !!! (ended up pedaling faster to warm up since I didn't find any newspapers flying around 12 mile coulee).

Time went by and an hour later I was in the 20kms mark already, (got lost in the bears paw area trying to find the gravel road that would eventually take me to 567, but found it). Riding on gravel roads is not that bad, riding on gravel roads that you can't see because they are all covered with a few inches of snow is really bad and hard. 54kms took me to Cochrane, where I stopped for coffee and a warm grilled cheese !! yum. After warming up my feet for 15min, I took off (again trying to find the path on Glenbow Ranch) that would take me the a nasty climb to Hwy1A. I managed to ride pretty much everything, had to hike up a few steep hills on the park, but nothing to long... Hitting Hwy 1A felt really good since I knew the ride was coming to an end. 5hours later, probably around 4hours of riding time and 80kms I was home getting welcome by Nic and Maria with a nice a yummy squash soup !!

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