Team Mission and Vision

Terrascape is a bicycle racing club, based in Calgary, developing and supporting cycling and its moral values in the community at large.

To be recognized in the Alberta cycling community as a racing club which:
*Creates a team culture that supports each members’ goal attainment,
*Is dedicated to supporting our high performance racers, and establishing a team infrastructure that meets the training needs of the club, and
*Demonstrates commitment to the organization of superb cycling events, promoting fair play and sportsmanship throughout Alberta.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

2012 Beans 'n' Barley is ON!!!

BE NOT AFRAID!!!! The Beans and Barley is a GO!!!
It's been a while since Alberta has had a good snowy 'cross race.  Embrace the challenge cycling friends and you will be rewarded with a glorious day that will be talked about for years. 
We have a comprehensive grass remediation plan for after the race. We will work with City Parks, the community, and park users to make sure the turf looks even better than before the race. Letters were canvassed to the community to let them know we are holding the event. We have consulted with the city on the flyover. We are preparing extra measures for your comfort in the cold ( but please bundle up).
We have the hall into the evening, we have chili, we have bevvies, we have tents, and much more.
Join us, register and come enjoy the event called the BnB.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Friday, 19 October 2012

This just in... We got the ok from Jim Smith, Chief Commissaire for the BnB for costumes in ALL categories, including Elite Men. Fellas, it is on.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Beans & Barley CX race 2012, October 27th NEW on this post TECH GUIDE

Hey you, yes you cycle cross freak ! if you don't have anything better to do on October 27th come and race your cross bike and have lots of fun !! We will have the best beer and chili in town, as well as good music and lot's of events going on. Kid's race will be at around noon with lots of candies and chocolates to keep them hyper all week !!

Registrations are now open, follow the link


Beans n’ Barley

Halloween Cyclocross Race

Technical Guide
Dress up and throw down!
Saturday October 27, 2012
Shaganappi Park, Calgary, AB
2516-14th Ave SW

Elite, Expert, Sport, Open Women & Citizen/Newbie Categories with a fun kid’s race

Online Registration: 


Registration includes toasty 2012 Beans’n’Barley
Merino wool socks, chili, bun & a frosty beverage

Beer tent, Chili station, FREE coffee and hot chocolate.


Draw prizes for racers and volunteers including an entry to 2013 Furious3 Fernie!
Terrascape is pleased to partner with Transrockies Events to support Kidsport Charity with a raffle for an entry to TR3 or any Transrockies 1-day event. Proceeds going to Kidsport charity $5 per entry or 3 for $10.

Sanctioned by:

Welcome back!
Welcome to the 7th annual Terrascape Racing Cyclocross Race, the scariest event in the Alberta Cyclocross Cup. Our outstanding venue, as well as the excitement and challenge of our course make it a fan and racer favourite! As always, your race entry includes food and beverage: “Beans and Barley” = “chilli + beverage”.  The fire-pit will be a popular fan gathering spot given our Alberta weather.

The course is about 2.5 km long with 50 metres of climbing. It will be scary suffering as the straight-up climb of the Knobby Gobbler is followed by a white knuckle descent.
There will be a prize for best air off of the hump near the finish line. There are lots of grassy off-camber slopes and a few surprises will be added to the map before race day. A mechanical zone will probably be located as indicated.  

Directions to the Shaganappi Hall & Tennis Club at 2608 - 14 Avenue SW, Calgary (403-246-3535) are available here: Directions to Beans & Barley Cross Race.

Parking will be along the western and southern edges of the Park and at the school to the southwest. Please respect the community residents.


Online registration:, before October 26th @ noon.

NO Race Day Registration!

·         $40 for ABA licensed racers
·         $25 for Citizen racers
·         $10 Single Event Licenses (SEL) are available for Citizen racers. You will be placed into the Sport Men or Open Women’s category. Terrascape will cover the Citizen SEL fees.

Ø      Entry fee includes socks and post-race food of chilli + a bun + a beverage!  

·      Racers will compete in the Cyclocross category corresponding to their respective Road or Mountain Bike category, whichever is higher:

Road / MTB category
Cyclocross Category
Cat 4 and 5 / Beginner and Sport
Sport Men
Cat 3 / Expert
Expert Men
All Women
Cat 1 and 2 / Elite
Elite Men

License Check:
·         Community Hall (southeast corner of the park, by the tennis courts)
·         Opens at 9:00 am, Sunday, October 30
·         Closes 15 minutes prior to your race
·         Failure to bring your license may result in a $10 fine.
·         All racers must have a valid UCI/ABA license or purchase a Single Event License (SEL) at the time of registration for $10.

·      This event will be run according to ABA/CC/UCI regulations. Racers are expected to know and understand these. They are available here.

·      Please bring your race license, and cyclocross body numbers. If you do not have body numbers, the ABA will provide those for you on race day. Number position will be posted at sign on.

·      Cash prizes will be awarded according to depth of field.
·      Our Beans and Barley commentators will be interviewing race / prime / prize winners.
·      Fans may also purchase food and drink in the Community Hall.

We will have first aid on site at Shaganappi community hall. The nearest hospital is Foothills Medical Centre, 1403 29th St NW.


It's Halloween (almost) and a Beans n’ Barley tradition of late is that some riders wear costumes. This is permitted in categories other than Elite Men, who are required to ride in full, normal team kit. However, there are still a few rules:
·         costumes must not impair your vision or have pieces that fly around and might get caught in your spokes or equipment and cause a crash or that might get in the way of another rider
·         numbers must still be clearly visible to commissaires
·         "costume" does not mean team kit of other teams or advertising of products you like
·         for prize presentation, at least the jersey/jacket of team kit must be clearly visible

Cyclocross bicycles must be used in the Expert and Elite Men categories. Mountain bikes are permitted in the other categories. Disc brakes are permitted.

The bike/wheel pit is marked on the map. A Course Marshal will be stationed at the pit. Please label your equipment and remember to collect it.


Sport Men
10:00 am
40 minutes
Citizen Men
10:02 am
40 minutes
Women (Open and Citizen)
11:00 am
40 minutes
12:00 pm
10 minutes
Expert Men
12:30 pm
50 minutes
Elite Men
  1:45 pm
60 minutes

The ABA and the organizer may shorten races and/or alter the course dependent on weather, time delays and combine categories if necessary. Please know your start time.

The course is open for training from 9:00 am to 9:45 am. The course will be closed during all races. Any rider on the course during another category’s race will be fined. Any other opening of the course between races will be at the discretion of the Chief Commissaire. Racers must receive permission at the start line before pre-riding. Helmets must be worn during all riding.

Awards for category winners will take place at the Community Hall as soon as possible after each race. Names for draw prizes will be pre-drawn and posted beside the results for each category. All competitors are eligible for the awesome draw prizes provided by our sponsors plus compete for:
·      Best costumes in all categories
·      Special categories: new moms, Clydesdales and “marinated” (40+)
·      11th place
·      Big air

Upgrade & AB cyclocross series points will be available to Top 8 finishers in each category as per ABA Schedule (20, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2).

Raffle tickets for the TR3/Transrockies event entry will be available for purchase at the Beer Table, in the community hall. $5 per ticket, or 3 tickets for $10. Raffle will be held as soon as possible after the Elite Men’s race. Winner of the TR3 raffle will be contacted if not present.

Winners must be present for draw prizes, except for the TR3 Raffle. Draw prizes will be announced/posted following the Women’s race.

o        Port-a-potties will be located outside the Community Hall. Please use them, not the park.
o        Please pick up garbage, which includes any gel packs and other items to help us keep the park clean.
o        Alcoholic beverages will not be served to minors. Fake ID will not work;
if you’re a junior, we know who you are.
o        Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission regulations will be enforced.
o        Alcohol can only be consumed in the designated areas; it can not be consumed throughout the park.
o        Spectators can have alcoholic beverage(s) along the course only in designated areas.
o        Racers cannot have alcoholic beverage(s) on the course.

You have to be there to get your annual dose of
beans n’ barley

For updates and results, go to our blogspot:

If you have questions, contact Andrew at:


Monday, 11 June 2012

Organ Grinder, 4hours enduro MTB race

I have been thinking of a way to describe the trails conditions last Sunday at the Nordic Centre, but I don't want to bring in bad memories... and rather focus on the positive.
One thing that I do want to mention is that if I ever want to be passed by any rider I want that rider to be Kate A. Even though I was probably slowing her down for a while, she was calm and didn't push me to do a stupid move or anything, instead waited for a nice and open spot to gently say "on your left" and rode away from me. That is the right etiquette for passing, I hate those riders that push you and almost crash into you just to pass (is not that we are in Olympics or anything like that !).
Race went good, I started way to fast and when I saw myself riding behind Jeff N. for the first 5 minutes on the long climb I knew I was going to fast :-) and I sure paid for that later on... My laps time went down hill as I did on this picture taken by Gabor >>> :-), but that didn't stop me from having fun (if we can call that fun) lap after lap... In lap 1 half way through the course I went down incredibly nice and sweet ! (crap if I could always crash like that I would be very happy), I went over the bars, but in complete silent ssssssssss, unclip from both pedals as if I knew I was going to get off the bike, landed on my right hip and with the left hand grabbed my bike and remounted beautifully, almost like in cyclecross !!! sweet, back on the game now to chase Kate down (yeah in my dreams.....). In my last lap (4) my knees were hurting a bit, but I knew it was just a matter of minutes to get over it and eat some warm food yum.. I saw Gabor taking some pictures and of course I didn't want to walk in front of him (after all I am riding this stupid bike with no gears because some how I was inspired by him), so I kept saying to myself "no pain, no pain..." and that helped me to finish my last lap in exactly the same time as the 3rd lap 1:01.
Talked to Steve S. (whom I drove with to the race today) to see how come he was so clean, and turned out that after his second lap his gears weren't shifting AT ALL and couldn't keep going (another reason to own a single speed, specially on these muddy condition ////. 4 laps, 3 hours and 53 minutes later of suffering and playing in the mud and I am still loving MTB ::---)))!
Terrascape once again was in the podium in almost all categories, starting with Jeff, Alana, Deanne and Jason, Michelle and Nichole... awesome team with amazing women on it !!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Past and upcoming MTB race

Well, Terrascape is getting more more camera attention in the early season.... With an overwhelming participation at Salty Dog with podium all over the place and now an even bigger in the upcoming Organ Grinder this coming Sunday this team is stronger than ever !!.
Quick summary of the Salty Dog 6 hours enduro race: Started with a course pre-ride on Saturday morning with Ryan, Jeff, Andy, Alana, Deanne, Nichole and myself. We split the group in two (guys and gals) and went out for a course inspection, finishing in less that 00:41min and seasoned with some coaching from Jeff on downhill skills :-).
Race day: Morning tent set up and prep with Alana, Andrew, Ryan and I can't remember who else at around 7:00am.
Ready to start and final touches in the tent at around 9:00am.
Race went well for most of us, with few first places, one second place, few fourth places and others top 10 places (yeap, lots of camera attention :-))))

This coming Sunday we are planning on attending the Organ Grinder (5 hours enduro MTB race) and so far Jeff, Alana, Ryan, Andre, Michelle, Andy, Amit, Pam, Nichole and I will be "grinding our organs" once again on this race....

Monday, 27 February 2012

Cochrane loop cx winter ride

Not sure why do you want to go out and ride for 5+hours when the temperature is -14c and feels like -22c with the wind chill!!! Anyways, I knew for sure that I wanted to go out for the long ride of the week and the weather wasn't going to stop me from following my training plan. After breakfast with Nic and Maria, I headed out for the ride.. Half an hour into the ride and all I could think of was why didn't I put on a few extra layers??? I needed a newspaper or something to put between my chest and the jacket or I will die... holly crap my feet !!! (ended up pedaling faster to warm up since I didn't find any newspapers flying around 12 mile coulee).

Time went by and an hour later I was in the 20kms mark already, (got lost in the bears paw area trying to find the gravel road that would eventually take me to 567, but found it). Riding on gravel roads is not that bad, riding on gravel roads that you can't see because they are all covered with a few inches of snow is really bad and hard. 54kms took me to Cochrane, where I stopped for coffee and a warm grilled cheese !! yum. After warming up my feet for 15min, I took off (again trying to find the path on Glenbow Ranch) that would take me the a nasty climb to Hwy1A. I managed to ride pretty much everything, had to hike up a few steep hills on the park, but nothing to long... Hitting Hwy 1A felt really good since I knew the ride was coming to an end. 5hours later, probably around 4hours of riding time and 80kms I was home getting welcome by Nic and Maria with a nice a yummy squash soup !!

Monday, 6 February 2012

MTB in February?? Hell Yeah !!!!

Who would have guessed we would be mountain biking in February??? Well, not a lot of snow has fallen this winter around Calgary to be honest, but the trails are still very icy as a result of that.
Last Saturday when I got the invite to go for a MTB ride I got all exited about it !! almost 42kms (in my case) of single tracks without leaving the city limits.... unreal, bone dry trails, some of them super crazy icy, but rideable (for some, of course not for me) as I wipe out lots, but I managed to walk out of all of them without a broken bone. Riding on ice requires a lots of skills and I have been learning that in the past month, where smooth pedaling is the key.
On Saturday we met at Cadence @10am as usual and started riding on Bowmont Park, super dry, fast and flowy. Heading west to Bowness park. Climbed a bit of the paved switch backs to get into another awesome section of single tracks that takes you to Valley Ridge, amazing single tracks with barely any snow. Went up and down a few times and then headed out towards Valley Ridge and Bears Paw where we had to do some walking on icy creeks!! after riding in that area we went back into Bowness park and crossed over to ride 12 mile coulee (up and down the same way) and back into Bowmont park after 4 hours of riding... by the time we were there the conditions of the trails were different, with +12 degrees all the snow was melting down creating lots of mud.. Well, I guess next ride will be a night ride this coming wednesday with my buddy Andy.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Another awesome day of winter riding, sometimes they hammer somethimes they don't.

Met at Cadence @10am with Craig S., Tomas, Andrew, Mark, Kevin and after a cup of coffee took off on a single track from Bowness through 12 mile cule.. a bit icy, but fun and certainly good for a warm up !!. Headed out towards Cochrane mostly on gravel roads that took us over 60kms to get there. Amazing scenery on the back roads with a bit of a head wind from time to time. On Big Hills towards 22x we got some nasty head wind with snow blowing into our faces, but stayed together and managed to go through. Stopped at Cochrane at around the 4 hours mark to have a hot meal (sandwich and more coffee) to fuel up and get ready for the last leg of the ride. Back to Calgary through Glembow park is certainly way better than Hwy1A these days, awesome pathway system that almost takes you to Calgary, amazing fast twisty down hills and three steep climbs to make your legs work. As I was getting ready myself for the last steep climb to get onto Hwy 1A I saw Mark and Craig standing and pushing decently hard, I tried to keep up, but in the last 300mts I was ready to quit..... no way I said to myself, if you get off your bike you will regret it !! darn !! I was pushing already high E4 just to keep Mark and Craig on my sight, never mind trying to close the gap... when I finally saw the top of the hill...... F.... that was the only thing I said after the F... climb.

Little over 100Kms and 6hours riding time I am still very exited about this winter rides.. They are fun, challenging, cold and sometimes wet or as they call these winter rides "sometimes they hammer sometimes they don't", that is probably why I don't ask what the plan or route is, I just show up and ride whatever the group is up to.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Winter Training, 2012

With 2011 now behind is time to focus on the new year, 2012!. I officially signed up for 24 hours of adrenalin world championship in Canmore (Sep, 2012) and 24 hours round and round in Spokane, WA (May, 2012). Along with a few other shorter races, these 2 will be my major events for the year.

First rode ride in the winter was on Saturday January 7th. Met with Craig S, Craig M., Kate, Jon, Shawn and Graham at Cadence 10:00am and rode on single tracks and back roads all the way to Cochrane, and when I say "single track" I mean single tracks, not only that, icy and snowy single tracks which test your skills to the max !! I lost count of how many time I wipe out, but it was an amazing training for the races to come... We rode from Calgary to Big Hill Springs Road and then headed west on 526 until we got to the entrance of Big Hill Springs Provincial Park (where i thought we were just doing a quick stop to turn around).. well, I was wrong !! we crossed the darn park, all cow trails, single icy track, creeks, etc.... we ended up in Cochrane where we stop for lunch in "Guys' Cafe and Bakery" which I highly recommend now that I know how their sandwiches taste.. after Jon completed an eating challenge (2.5lbs sandwich + soup) and all the table got free bakery stuff we left for an epic way back through the GlenBow park with some in the group crossing the frozen reservoir AMAZING!! anyway, after 5:21hours of riding time and 81kms I was in Bowness.