Team Mission and Vision

Terrascape is a bicycle racing club, based in Calgary, developing and supporting cycling and its moral values in the community at large.

To be recognized in the Alberta cycling community as a racing club which:
*Creates a team culture that supports each members’ goal attainment,
*Is dedicated to supporting our high performance racers, and establishing a team infrastructure that meets the training needs of the club, and
*Demonstrates commitment to the organization of superb cycling events, promoting fair play and sportsmanship throughout Alberta.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Midweek at Canmore Park

Another great night at the Midweek Mayhem Cross. We switched to Wednesday night to avoid the Tuesday night running group. It was always sporty trying to avoid them in the corners.

Last night in the A group there was 6 Terrascapers including Alana who raced up due to a dinner engagement. We put our practice into play and had a great start.

After the first long straight and corner the Kid and i had made the lead group. We lost contact after the first major corners and it was 3 of us sitting 5,6,7 after Peter Lawerence danced around us.

The Kid tried an early attack that was covered on the long straight. I made a move on the 3rd lap after strategically sitting in on the flats. I made a good gap but it cost me and I could not stay away. The Kid and a TRS rider caught back up and it was going to be us to the finish. The TRS rider made a gap just before the barriers, and held it to the finish. i was just in front of the Kid who probably could have beat me if he had used his lungs for riding and stopped cheering me on. It helped though, Thanks Ryan.

The other boys looked strong when i caught glimpses of them. We will have to see how the battle turned out.

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