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Terrascape is a bicycle racing club, based in Calgary, developing and supporting cycling and its moral values in the community at large.

To be recognized in the Alberta cycling community as a racing club which:
*Creates a team culture that supports each members’ goal attainment,
*Is dedicated to supporting our high performance racers, and establishing a team infrastructure that meets the training needs of the club, and
*Demonstrates commitment to the organization of superb cycling events, promoting fair play and sportsmanship throughout Alberta.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Richelle's 2010 Xterra World Championship Race Report

Looking forward to Terrascape representing at Xterra World Championships next year!

We arrived at the race and headed straight for transition on the beautiful Makena Beach golf course. It was warm out already which was so nice; a change from the usual freezing race mornings I am used to in Canada. I got my transitions set-up and headed to get body marked. It was a very relaxing morning with only 600 racers and hardly and lines to get things done. I wandered around and found other Calgary folks who were not racing - they were all amazing support. Lots of hugs and high-5's to calm any nerves.

I found Madi and we warmed up. Then, all racers were called out of the water to get a Hawaiian blessing by Reverend Alalani Hill, before heading to our preferred starting spots amongst the other athletes for the mass beach start. I found Kristie Schneider and we stood on the beach together in the crowd of racers. We laughed that we were actually here at the World Championships! The helicopter swirled overhead making it seam even more surreal! Finally the cannon went off; we screamed, grabbed each other’s hands and dove in.

I got into a rhythm fairly quickly and focused on swimming to 1 buoy at a time (it was crowded but surprisingly I did not get kicked or punched). Each time I hit a buoy I would not allow myself to focus on more than the next buoy. This made for a more relaxing swim as I tend to focus how much more swimming I have to do. I finished the first lap and came out to run the 75m beach run before diving back in for the second lap. My heart rate had skyrocketed due to the beach run and I struggled to get back into a rhythm again (that and the fact that the waves had picked up and made it very hard to sight or take smooth strokes). I also got a few mouthfuls of salt water due to the waves. Despite the rough lap, I couldn’t help love that I was swimming in the ocean. I stayed very happy throughout the swim.

T1 went well and was fairly fast. I was organized and knew my routine. I grabbed my bike and off I went. I was very excited, yet very nervous to get on my bike. Normally with mountain bike racing you pre-ride the course but, at the Xterra World Championships they do not let you pre-ride the course. It is read and react as you go. This weighed on my mind as I headed out of T1.

I got one entire bottle of Eload down before we got into the climbing section, as that was what Jordan had told me to do. Then up Heleakala – all the way up to 1400 feet. I worked to stay calm, at my appropriate heart rate, and continued to get calories in. The course was congested and so many people were on the side with flat tires. I also passed a girl who had fallen and her shift level had actually punctured her arm! Luckily medical staff was already there. We continued to climb for several miles and I worked to stay hydrated, keep getting calories in, and enjoy the experience. The lava rock was definitely interesting to ride on, and you had to worry about the lava rocks actually slicing the side walls of your tires if your tire pressure wasn't right or you hit the lava rock the wrong way. There were also the crazy Kiawe thorns that could puncture your tires. Many competitors were on the side with flats. I prayed for no flats.

When we finally hit the downhill I loved it. Not technical enough for my liking, but still so much fun! I took very aggressive lines on the way down trying to make up time for being so slow of a climber. I didn't really seem to make up very much time though, as during the uphill sections I got caught by many of the people I had worked so hard to pass on the downhill sections. I took it a bit easier and enjoyed some of the views from Heleakala as we headed back towards Makena beach.

I was feeling great off the bike and heading into transition. I had paced well on the bike and had gotten in enough calories (not the usual case for me in an Xterra). I found my bike rack right away, as a competitor I had met in transition had placed a bright orange shoe lace on the sign for our rack. I scrambled to get my bike gear off and gather all of my run gear as the helicopter swirled overhead (I knew this meant the first pros were finishing). It was loud and chaotic and I tried to yell Rose that Madi was OK out on the bike course. I was rushing and when I started to run I realized I went in the wrong direction out of T2 and had to run back the other way to the run exit. I was like a chicken with my head cut off. Worst T2 ever for me! But hey, I had made it onto the run.

As I headed along the road I felt like I was taking the shortest, baby steps and moving nowhere! I was running but, because so many others were running so well it magnified how slow I was going. I was happy though. I was on the run of the Xterra World Championships and I had survived the swim and bike thus far! I did pass a few walkers and tried to encourage them but one girl said “English, I don’t speak well”. Oh right, this is the World Championship. When I hit the climb I just tried to push forward with a combo of walking and running; survival under the Hawaii sun. I walked ever water station with the routine of asking for two waters – one to drink, and one to dump on my neck in an attempt to cool. When we finally turned to go down, I quickly realized the down would not be much of a reprieve. I ran as fast as I could on the loosest, rockiest, gnarliest terrain I have ever seen. I went over on my ankle and when I can back up couldn’t believe my ankle was OK. However, my toes started tingling and the side of my foot ached. I sucked it up because that is what Xterra athletes do! I focused on running strong while having fun on this amazing course.

When I hit Makena beach, which was the first beach run (a ¾ mile beach run), I worked hard to remember to shuffle and not push off to hard so I wouldn't sink in the sand. A lovely competitor with whom I had been on the bike with passed me and offered me an ice cube. So nice! The beach seemed to go on so long and I was thrilled when the flags directed us up off the beach. Next up I hit the spooky forest – over and under trees and logs. I was so tired and very worried I would hit my head, or trip over a log and land flat on my face but I managed to get through the forest without incident. Then, the next beach run which was thankfully fairly short, and then onto more lava rock! I walked/ran, trying not to slip as I knew I was so close to the finish. 

I was relieved to hit the golf course grounds. I jumped over the last rock wall, and ran strong headed for the finishing shoot. I was so excited to see so many friends as I headed into the finishing shoot and crossed the line. I survived the Xterra World Championships!

You can watch 2010 Xterra World Championship race highlights here:

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Beans n' Barley 2010 photos

I've finally gone through my pics of the great event and so check it out!


Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Beans N' Barley - Best cross race of the year....

Or so we have been hearing! Thanks so much to everyone who volunteered and raced to make it the superb event that it always is.

Few housekeeping notes:

Lost and Found:
Black multitool/allan key set
Black lobster gloves
24h Adrenalin water bottle
LowePro camera case
Men's work boots (left outside at Shag).

If you are missing these, please post a reply or email me. I will post on ABA site as well.

Lots of photos were taken - here's the first set by Dale Firth.

Keep checking for more great photos of costumed and skinsuited racers!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Gearing up for the B n' B

Plans are going smoothly for this year's Beans n' Barley. We hope to have more people in character or costumes than ever!
We have a few more tricks and treats this normally don't want to fall into the money pit, or the loonie bin, but be sure to keep your eyes and ears open.
Our announcers might just give some hints, if they are not too busy ironing their polyester suits.

This guy looks like he could use a new kit!

Thanks to our title sponsor, Custom Fibreglass Contractors for ensuring the 2010 B n'B is another superb event. Get your costumes ready and we'll see you on Halloween!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Perfect weekend of Cross

What better way to kick off the cross season with one of the craziest weekends of cross racing....where else but just outside of Seattle.....StarCrossed and RadRacing!!!!

Friday night, I picked Regan up from work, we loaded the new cross bikes up and headed down to Redmond, WA. Nothing like driving at midnight in what I'd call torrential downpour (hydroplane crazy) to pump you up for cross season. You definitely can't have a dry cross season, that's just not right. Checked in to the Silver Cloud Inn (great find!!) and hit the pillow both totally wiped out by 1am...yuck.

Saturday morning was a great sleep in!! I did set the alarm though for 9:30 so that we wouldn't miss the continental breakfast. Love the conti breaky where you get to make your own waffles right there....Canada needs some of these joints! After stuffing our faces we headed down to Marymoor park to claim a big cement pavillion and set up the Trek Pro City tent to create "Canada Corner" . Pretty neat how many Canadians, particularly from Victoria, made the journey south for this weekend. StarCrossed racing didn't start till 2:15, Regan raced at 3:00 and I didn't get to start till 7:00 pm.....night races are sooooo cool.

Most of the categories were totally maxed out at the 80 racer limit....and there was over 600 riders!!!!! Unfortunately the Elite Women's category was relatively small at 27, but it's still the largest cross races that I've had the chance to race in. All day it was beautiful, sunny, hot and dry.....5:30 the dark clouds rolled in and the expected rain started coming down. By the time we started at 7, there was standing puddles and chewed up muddy corners to make things exciting. I blew the start, not expecting the gun to go off 10 secs after the "Within 30 seconds" call....bobbled the pedal a couple times, almost lost my handlebar...and by the time I got myself sorted out I found myself looking at all 26 women swarming by much for my front row call up...haha.

Off the long cement straight starting block, there was a nasty right hand almost 180 degree corner onto wet grass (well, no grass left at this point). I had grabbed as many gears as I could and was hammering my guts out trying to catch back up to the leader group. By the time we reached the first run up, a short hill with 4 logs across for a forced dismount, I had managed to bridge back up to Wendy Simms, Katerina Nash and Sue Butler. We road hard together for a lap, putting some time inbetween us and the rest of the pack. Going into the second lap Katerina and Wendy made a move, and I reacted by finding an opening around Sue and catching back up to their wheels. At this point, I came around a slick corner, trying to power out of it and found myself going sideways, sideways, felt like really slow motion.....and still hanging onto the handlebars I hit the ground and slid. Jumping up as fast as I could, I lost contact with Wendy and Katerine, and Sue passed and gapped me. It took me a couple seconds to get back into the groove....but then I was on the hunt.

For the next however many laps we did, Sue yo-yo-ed just off the front of me. It'd catch up to her through some of the technical corners and dismount/remount sections, and she would power away from me on the open sections. The barriers were right in front of the beer gardens and it was so neat having so many people yelling and cheering you on to catch her. In the last couple laps, Canadian Natasha Elliot was coming on strong making up time fast, until the last lap and I was able to put a little more time back into the gap to 5th. Super happy with finishing 4th at my first big cross race!!!!

Sunday was an early morning for RadRacing as the first races of the day were at 9:00am. It was made even more painful due to the fact that we didn't eat supper until 10:30pm (Subway....quick and open) and didn't get to bed until almost midnight again.....weekend of no sleep. Definitely not the best recovery strategy...but how could we not stay and watch the mens race???

Regan raced at 9:45....and had an awesome race!!!! With over 150 men on course during his race, it was extremely exciting to watch, and even more so seeing him passing guys left right and center. Unfortunately we still haven't seen results for this category :(

By the time we started at 3, the entire width of the course the entire length of the course was one big inch plus deep mud puddle......except for the 2 beach runs...hehe....gnarly. Definitely good technical training on slick corners!! I had an amazing start, leading out to the first corner, where Sue Butler slipped by me to lead through the first couple corners. Wendy and Katerine were right there and they made a move around us and quickly put a little gap on us. Entering the first beach section, Sue got off to run and I powered by on my bike......ohhhhh the poor drive train!! Quick remount, slick corner, down a slick ramp and into the second beach run. Here that sand was so deep, and I could see Wendy and Katerine both dismounting, so I didn't even try to ride, but shouldered the bike and ran. At the far end I had put a small gap on Sue, remounted and struggled to clip back in.......wet sand packed in the pedals and cleats is harder then mud to clip in with.

Got myself sorted out and started hammering.......until a left hand corner with a good little rut....haha...damn rut grabbed my front tire and I slammed hard in the mud :) Sue passed me again....grrrrrr. Regrouped myself again and started the chase again....this time with Natasha Elliot and Devon Haskell in tow. Devon passed me through the barriers, and I grabbed her wheel to catch as much of a muddy draft as I could. Second last corner of the first lap I found myself smack on my ass again, loosing contact with both Devon and Natasha.

At this point Kathy Sherwin was breathing down my neck and we battled for the next 3 laps. I managed to clean the rest of the race, I think the mass amounts of rain that started to come down actually made the course a little less slick....if that's possible, but my legs didn't quite have the punch that they had the night before. The last lap I passed Kathy in the final sand run, managed to clip in relatively smoothly, and set my sights on Devon in 5th place. I managed to put some serious time into her on the last half of the lap, but not enough to catch up...and finished 6th on this day.

After cleaning my bike I found that my rear derallieur was jammed with so much mud and grass that I couldn't even move the wonder I was having troubles shifting or even staying in a gear...hehe. My new Trek XO2 worked absolutely amazing, the newly designed front fork is so stiff and responsive...I love it!!!! Thank you again Barry Near and Trek Toronto Store for helping me out this year.

Oh ya, I got mommed by Wendy Simms twice this weekend as she finished 2nd on both days. I'm excited she's back and I get to race her this year at the Island Cross Races....that's gonna me fast!!!...haha

StarCrossed Interview

Visit for more Videos

RadRacing Interview

Visit for more Videos

Saturday, 21 August 2010


The usual season starter for the mtn bikes is the Coulee Cruiser in early May.... which none of us made it to. The combination of poor weather, and no hill climb or road race did not entice those of us looking for a bigger weekend. The Perogy XC conflicted with another standby of the marathon mtb crowd: the Salty Dog. It's warm, dry and a whole pile of fun when our Calgary trails are, well..... not. There was a big showing of Terrascapers, new and old. P-Ro, Jeff, Nic, Lisa, Adrian, Cesar, Lavigne, Jason C., the Kid, and myself. Jeff had a great race, coming second in the Open Men (an overall) to Big Brian Cooke, and was mano-a-mano with Leighton Poidevin for the majority of the race. A gentlemen's agreement allowed them to finish their race after 9 laps, even though they really had time for one more. Cesar overcame Adrian after a good battle during their 7 laps, likely as a result of his ginormo pack (it was so big, one can't call it a camelback).
Perhaps that is where his second set of legs are hidden. Nice work on the top-20 finish in the under 40 Sport category. P-Ro squeaked in a top 30 result in the same category, besting Jason Copan - but still with 7 laps in the muggy heat. And Lavigne - what to say. Lavigne ground out those 6 lasp, despite those screaming leg cramps. For those who were there, you may recall that screaming with a bit of a shudder. But pretty good for a guy whose bike was stolen the day before.... grrrr.

Now the ladies: Nic had a solid race, coming in 3rd in the under 40 Women, also overcoming heat cramps, dehydration, and the un-funness of both of those. As is usual, it was left to our Master rider LL to bring home the pie.

Lisa rode a very strong race for 7 laps, finishing second to 40+ Deadgoat specialist, the great Trish Gracjsyk.
The Kid and I (and Zeech) had an off race - the Kid being injured, me being very sick and keeping the entire BnB up with my bronchitic spasms, and Zeech (Nic's hubby) impersonating the Kid to just get a lap in. But it was more than compensated for by the Log Bog Friendship Farm, where we stayed. Serious.

The race atmosphere was fun as always, but the numbers of racers are increasing, and the trails are showing it a bit. It still can't be beat for the early season training race. And thanks to our superb support crew - the Terrascape Pit.

Then there was the GivR8'er. If you recall, that was the start of our less than stellar summer. It was cold, wet and rainy, and the course was inevitably going to be slick and gross - but we decided we might as well. I was racing single speed with Trish, Jeff and the Kid teamed up and Jay and Lisa decided to go for the coed.It was a brisk start in the morning, but once one the bike, the temperature was perfect. Once you stopped to let your teammate do a lap however..... yikes!

The trail actually became perfectly tacky, but still pretty muddy in many sections. Derailleurs suffered. Singlespeed was definitely the way to do - although my poor v brakes were not that effective, and my 1999 fork with 1/2 " travel was destined to be trouble. Luckily late the night before Jeff switched over a new fox float, with an old front disk brake - wobbly and loose, but better than v-brakes! Terrascape again rocked the podium, with Trish and I finishing first in the women's duo, and Lisa and Jay rounding out the co-ed duo in 3rd.

Summer Recap.....

Well, it's been a dreadfully long time since anyone has posted about their endeavours, which isn't to say that Terrascapers have been sitting idle. On the contrary, there has been much riding, training, racing and relaxing since the Prairie Roubaix, trips to Moab, and of course, Mike's unfortunate accident. He is happy to report that he is now free of his neck brace, after 12 long weeks. I shall do my best to recount some of the highlights from the past few months, and hope that some of my teammates correct where I have erred.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Only 8 months late

Well I was checking out the blog and it seems we never posted the pictures from the Beans and Barley Cross Race. So if you get a moment check them out.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Mike's (aka Splatman) Moab Porcupine Rim Crash Site

Here is where I crashed, about 2-3 miles from the end of the trail. I am not sure what line I tried to get down the multiple drops. Danika is standing, shielding me from the sun as I wait for the EMTs. The ledge behind her shoulder is probably where my front wheel dropped into, launching me over the handle bars, onto my head. Apparently the easiest line was blocked by a person walking through this section. Normally I am quite the chicken and dismount. I was feeling great that day. We took the Upper Porcupine Rim Trail for the first time and were smiling all the way down. Next time, I might just walk this section. Mike Zelensky

Monday, 17 May 2010

Early Spring Ride

Early Spring Ride. on Vimeo

GUNTHER'S Fine Baking Recovery Stroudel

Gunther's has been a long-time sponsor of Terrascape. Team member Mark Stranzinger's Dad owned the bakery that has generously provided stroudels for prizes and the buns for our Beans and Barley Cyclocross Race. Many a racer can confirm the recovery qualities of the stroudel; the baked apples and dough taste so good and just hit the spot. Mark's Dad is retiring and the bakery has been sold to an employee that continues to support Terrascape.

Mark visited me on Saturday to deliver a stroudel and provide moral support. Moab's Porcupine Rim Trail is an epic ride that I have done 8 times before. That day I chose a bad line and tried to ride a section of trail beyond my capabilities. I normally balk at tough sections and walk them, but on that day I felt great and just went for it. Bad decision, now, I have to wear a neck brace for 12 weeks, but at least I survived my head plant. On July 27th I will have Xrays taken to see if the fractured neck is healed. Then I can start physio to strengthen the neck muscles.

Gunther's stroudel was wonderful and I instantly felt better. Thank you Mark. Please support our sponsor

Saturday, 8 May 2010


Hi team. I am writing from my hospital bed in Salt Lake City on Saturday morning. On Wednesday afternoon with about 3 km to go on Porcupine Rim I did the pile driver of all endos. I was riding confidently through the drops but the last drop of a triple drop caught my front wheel while my rear wheel was launched from the second drop. Graham was riding behind me and saw me vertical in the air, feet up, dropping into the rock ledge. My head was numb at first but Graham wouldn't let me move. He held my neck steady and the numbness passed in a few minutes. No loss of consciousness. Then the pain in the neck set in. Fortunately an EMT was just behind us and took over control. The accident happenned at about 2 pm and I was in the Moab Hospital by 6 pm. Search and Rescue took me down the trail on a backboard balanced over a unicycle wheel.
A CT scan at Moab showed my C2 fracured in three pieces, my T4 and T6 compressed and my 3rd and 6th ribs cracked. But here I am typing so I was pretty damn lucky that my spinal cord survived. I was airlifted to Salt Lake City that night as they could not do the surgery in Moab. Further Xrays, MRIs and CTs convinced the doctors that surgery wasn't necessary. So I am leaving on a jet plane tonight and don't know when I'll be back again. I guess I get a new Bell helmet now.
I will have to wear the neck brace for 2-3 months. I am still quite sore but am inproving everyday. Life as I know it will be changing for the next few months. I look forward to hanging out with you while I recover. So no races for me this year, sorry Lev I was looking forward to the Canadian Nationals and St. George World Senior Games.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Prairie Roubaix Photos

Here are some Terrascape Team photos from the Prairie Roubaix!

Cesar planning his race strategy.

Lisa getting kitted up.

Lavigne checking out the competition.

And they're off under gloomy looking skies!

Ray and Jason working together on the first lap.

Look out! Here's comes the Terrascape Freight Train!

Jason all smiles crossing the finish line.

Ray finishing close behind!

Cesar crossing the line after a hard fought race.

Some serious intensity from Lavigne!

Mark following close behind.

With Mike right behind too!

Lisa and Alana powering towards the finish.

Alana crossing the line.

Coach Jeff did two extra laps in his category and looked strong crossing the finish line!

Nice work Terrascapers!! Can't wait for the next race!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Prairie Rouxbaix Training Ride

That was fun. Thanks to Speed Theory for puttng on a great training ride. Nine Terrascapers register. Jeff in Cat A, the rest of the newbies (Jason, Cesar, Ray, J), females (Alana and Lisa) and out of shape old farts (Mark, Mike) in Cat C for beginners. After Jeff leaves the start for 5 laps , the rest of us have time to get nervous about our 3 laps. Off we go. Why are there always hills at the start? The peloton is fragmented by the top of the hill. I am with J, M, and L. Jason, C and R are in front of us, but we are not sure where A is. The J,M,M,L group ride as a team for the first lap, sharing the load and picking off riders. One lap done, and Alana latches back onto our group, with an amaxing show of intestinal fortitude. J,M,M,L,A continue to work together, taking turns and catching a few positions. Last lap of three and time to make a move. Heading west on Range Road 262, into the wind, the boys go hard, sort of. We are somehwat strewn along the shoulder of the road, and I finally catch back up to J when he dropped his chain. We pulled together up to Mark and then split up as we entered the gravel. J the diesel powered on through as Mark and I ate his dust and tried to keep up. We passed a few more in the gravel and it felt great when we hit the downhill pavement again with the finish near. Then at the 200 metre to go sign it went uphill again. Ouch, this hurts. But I am done now and feeling good about riding with THE team. J,C,R finished ahead of us and L and A came in just behind us. Coach Jeff finished high in Cat A with cross tires and totally dehydratred after loosing a water bottle. Pilsner apparently works wonders as a recovery drink.
Another weekend, another race, another smile after riding with the team.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Many Moments of Truth

First race of the season. I was up at 5 am and could not fall back to sleep. I could't be nervous, I've raced hundreds of times before. I always forget something. This time my aero helmet for the TT left at my front door. No worry's I had my road helmet. It was cold and I had no ear ban. New Edge 705 GPS to record my race. But I forgot to hit start. I was told my start time was 11:24 so I arrived early and went for a pee. Upon returning to my bike I was called to the line with 30 seconds to go. No problem, gloves on, push the lap button at 15 seconds and away I go. Downhill at first and then into the wind. Felt pretty good, all of thoes spin classes paid off. Up a hill and a screaming descent on the aero bars, 70 hm/h, too scared to pedal. More hills, I am feeling pretty warm, where is that turnaround? There it is, then back into a headwind? Now a tail wind, feeling pretty good. But feeling a little too warm. Here comes the screaming descent in reverse. 40 rpm with a 23 tooth gear, 10 km/h, maybe I should get off and run. Spin classes don't prepare you for this. GRAVITY SUCKS. Almost back to the start. Hit the lap button, it is noon. Cooldown with my team mate Lisa who thought she had a time of 38 minutes. I thought I had a time of 36 minutes, wow, I beat her, spin classes really do work. Get back to vehicle and strip off soaking wet clothes, I guess I really was overheating. Get back home and download my GPS. Oh, yeah, I forgot to hit start. Won't forget to do that again. Get the official results, I started 4 minutes early so Lisa (who happens to be the World Champion Master A Womans TT and Single Speed MTB Racer of Alberta) had a time of 39 minutes and I had 40 minutes. I can live with that, and can't wait for the Truth be Told TT in the fall to catch her. Thanks to Jeff's spin class I survived my first race. But what will I forget at the Prairie RouxBaix?

Monday, 12 April 2010

Moment of Truth ITT

Every time I got up to go to the bathroom on Saturday night I checked the deck to see if the predicted snow had hit yet. (There were several trips that night as Alana, Steve & I had a long windblown 120km ride out to Bragg & I was playing catch up with my hydration when I arrived home).

In the AM I was slightly disappointed to still see no snow & would actually have to make a decision: to ride the ITT or go ride with all my buddies who were doing the Roubaix Recon. The weather forecast said it was currently -16 in Kananaskis- that did it I was riding with Terrascape.
Somehow I ended up at Sibbald Flats at the start line with many fast looking guys...

The course had some decent hills on it, with a strong headwind going out for 10.2 km. When I came down the first hill, the moderately strong cross wind, quickly changed to a head on & from the opposite side. At 62km/hr I was praying I would stay on the bike, on the road! I don't feel very stable resting on my elbows on a light bike- getting blown around in a tornado! At the turn- around point, we were suddenly heading back into a headwind- story of my life lately! We had one big climb which was preferable to the crazy descents, but mostly it was downhill on the way home.

It was a well organized race, a good early season ITT. In late September The Truth be Told is held on the same course- just to keep us honest! Thanks to the vounteers who stood out in the cold for all of us.
There were 25 people crazy enough to turn out & race, 2 Terrascapers- YEAH! Way to go Mike!


Friday, 19 March 2010

Penguin Stew

ALana and I have been living with our friend The Kid (Ryan) for the last month. He is named the kid because he is the youngest member of our race club at the ripe age of 28!!!! I think Mical has him tied but she has been with the club so long she gets a by.

The kid has had lots of renters over time and has aquired many ?things? in his freezer. Some are obvious frozen corn and tropical fruit mix. Others not so much, as in the frozen bag of white meat. Alana thought it was a bag of perogies. Upon further inspection it was a very old, freezer burnt bag of chicken breast. Having a good laugh at this I called the item in question penguin. Anything that has been in the cold that long has got to be transformed. The only solution was to slow cook it.

It got a pass from the kid and I thought it was yummy. Alana sampled and gave it a good grade too. Proving the point that it is impossible to screw up something in the slow cooker.

Friday, 5 March 2010

It's ridin' weather!

2010 brings another exciting year for Terrascape. We've had some changes in our membership and welcome Jason Coban, and Cesar Martin to the team. They have already got some big plans to debut in Cat 5 at the Coulee Cruiser road and hill climb with teammates Ryan Young and Jason Lavigne. Should be some great teamwork!

Mical is representing the colors out West, having moved to Victoria, and is loving the extended warm riding season. She continues with her Trek sponsorship, riding with Trek Canada this year, and plans to mix up her World Cup circuit with the 2 Canadian stage races again this year with fellow Terrascaper Jeff 'The Mule' Neilson.

Lev is back on the racing circuit, and will be again focussing on the Masters races, and the Huntsman with past road tripper Mike.

Mark had a great 2009, with his successful completion of the Raid Pyrenees, and looks forward to some local races this year.

Paul had his introduction to mountain bike stage racing in 2009 at the Cape Epic, and will delve further into the enduros with the Salty Dog, and is tackling the BC Bike Race.

Lisa and Alana will also be returning to the BC BikeRace and joining their Terrascape teammates. Alana will continue with the enduros, and will be racing the TranRockies with Deadgoat superstar Trish Graczyk.

Deanne will be the Terrascape superfan, and feeder, as she and Jason Lavigne are expecting their first child in July. Congrats!

Look for Nic at the Test of Metal, along with much of the team, as well as the Salty Dog.

We have also committed to trailbuilding days in 2010, and invite all clubs to join us. See you on the road and trails....