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Sunday, 27 January 2008

ABA Lowers the BAR

Team, I sent this to the President of ABA

At Terrascape’s last meeting I committed to attending the President’s meeting. However, since the 2008 Racing Committee’s decision with respect to the 20007 BAR results, I have decided not to attend. I am not sure if you are aware of the situation. You have photographed me and many other racers, including at the 2007 Provincial Championships in Edmonton. I was there to chase BAR points, since according to the 2007 Racers Handbook, this was a BAR race. The problem is mountain bike racers are not run by age categories and the BAR is. This is not a new problem. I raised this with Andy in 2005, the first year I won the BAR. Why should a 50+ be required to earn points against much younger racers? The solution was simple, let the racers race and settle up the points later based on their participation and results. This works great if all of the racers are in the same category. This occurred in 2005 and in 2006 when Don Fox won the BAR.

I was aware of the potential problem in the 50+ category because there could be several expert riders and emailed the race organizers for the 2007 Provincial MTB race. They said it is the race Committee’s responsibility. I spent time and money competing for my goal of winning the BAR. I work on the quantity principal, not the quality. This is what makes the BAR unique, it encourages participation in many disciplines, then you hope you are healthy on race day. On race day, Mike Steneker and I raced the Sport category, and then Dave Whitten raced in Expert, on a different course. I knew this would be interesting to resolve but trusted the 2007 race committee would continue to apply the same principals as in previous years. To my surprise, they decided not to give any BAR points in mountain biking, except to elites. I got a ZERO, as did FIFTEEN other racers from SEVEN clubs.

The BAR was important to me, I missed family events and traveled back from the World Seniors Games, arriving Saturday night just so I could compete in the Provincial Cross Race on Sunday morning. Because of their decision, I finished second in the BAR: with the 12 points I should have gotten I would have been first. The 2008 Racing Committee have lots of reasons, many which will improve the 2008 BAR, but the bottom line is they did not meet the promise made in the 2007 Racer’s Handbook that MTB is a BAR category. Why the 2008 Racing Committee decided on the 2007 series I do not know, but they affected 15 other racers too. This is why I will not be at the President’s meeting. Sporting awards should be decided on the course amongst the competitors, not in a meeting months after the event by the officials. I hope that this mess is documented in the SPIN magazine.

I trust you will consider my concerns about the 2007 BAR results. Based on my emails with Jim Smith I know this will not happen again.

Mike Zelensky

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Lev said...

Mike, I recall that we finished the road race at the World Seniors Games around 1 p.m. It was the hardest road course I have ever experienced. However, by 2 p.m. we were on the road for 2-day drive home. We had to arrive home before the Sunday race – the last race for you to secure the Best All Round (BAR) 2007. You had a good performance in that race and was congratulated for winning the BAR 2007. To me, you have earned it!